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I am an emerging writer of short, mostly science fiction, who has been published in Andromeda Spaceways and other magazines. I'm also a songwriter and performer. I live in Dublin. Tweeting at @mikestevens72.

Music at https://www.breakingtunes.com/mikestevens

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(In the third person, to appear pro.)

As an AUTHOR of science fiction, Michael began writing in 2016 and has been published in some reputable magazines around the world, such as Andromeda Spaceways, Frostfire Worlds and the Blue Lake Review.

As a SONGWRITER he currently fronts his own solo band, and previously was the driving force behind much-loved Irish bands SETTLER, GROOM, LIE INS and SKELOCRATS, writing/co-writing, recording and releasing thirteen records with them over nearly twenty years to much critical acclaim. He has also been a key founding member of POPICAL ISLAND, a music collective and record label that has had a profound influence on the Dublin indie music scene in the last decade, and as a label has released a number of highly celebrated records.

Latest story

Jan 12, 2022

Michael's short story "When Love Goes Down the Drain" appeared in HyphenPunk. Click to check it out.

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I’ve written three unpublished science fiction books (so far, but one soldiers on). I've had some short stories published, so check out some of these below, starting from the most recent.


Short stories


The Candlemaker

May 5, 2021

Science fiction short story published in Andromeda Spaceways magazine issue #82, May 2021.

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The Trout Pool

November, 2018

Realistic fiction published in the Blue Lake Review, November 2018.


Buzz Buzz

August, 2018

Science fiction story for kids publised in Frostfire Worlds, August 2018.

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When Love Goes Down the Drain

Jan 12, 2022

Science fiction short story published in HyphenPunk magazine, Jan 2022.


Rancid Abyss Will Eat Your Children

June, 2018

Realistic (despite the name) fiction short story published in Honest Ulsterman, June 2018.


Finnegan the Astrodog

January 20, 2019

Science fiction story published in Storgy Kids in September 2018. This story was also commended in the Caterpillar Short Story Prize in 2018. Illustrations by the wonderful Katie Squires - follow her on Instagram here.

Jacob Turns into an Ant

May, 2019

Science fiction story for kids publised in Frostfire Worlds, May 2019.

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39 Raymond Street, Dublin 8, D08F9X0, Ireland.